Meet Levi, winemaker and frontline food worker.

Levi de Loryn, , winemaker and frontline food worker.

Meet Levi de Loryn – brand winemaker for Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate Winery and a man with a fascinating history making wine around the globe. Native to Australia (and with a great accent, of course), Levi has called Canada his home for 10 years, settling in the Niagara Region with his family. Wine is food which means Levi […]

From Guyana to Canada. Meet Ramesh, a frontline food worker on the move

Ramesh, Frontline Food Worker

More than 13 years ago, Ramesh Persaud arrived in Canada with an accounting degree and the goal of building a life as a Canadian citizen. Today, Ramesh stands as a brilliant example of career advancement transitioning from a line worker through to his current position as Operations Manager for Kisko Canada. What accounts for Ramesh’s success? […]

Frontline food workers: The heroes that keep our families fed

Frontline Food Workers at a processing factory

When we think about frontline workers, our minds go straight to the heroes of the health sector. But, there are frontline workers in several sectors, including the food industry. When COVID-19 hit, governments identified frontline food workers as essential because of their efforts in keeping our communities stocked and fed. Here is all you need […]

Nuts for Cheese: a vegan food processor with a vision

Vegan cheese processing

Vegan from the ground up It began in a small vegan restaurant in London, Ontario five years ago. Today, Margaret Coons’ Nuts for Cheese is supplying 1,600+ Canadian stores and new US buyers with vegan cheese and butter made from fermented organic cashews. Margaret is the Founder & CEO and she is both excited and humbled by […]

Frontline food worker safety is Kisko’s number one priority

Mark Josephs from Kisko

Mark remembers coming from Jamaica with his mom and dad to start a new life in Canada. His parents had started Kisko Freeze pops back in their home country and his dad had a challenging time getting a job without Canadian experience. So, they decided to do what they knew best and started Kisko in […]

Meet Dwight: frontline food hero


Dwight is a Sanitation Supervisor with Bimbo Canada, better known as one of Canada’s favourite bread companies making Dempster’s and Villaggio brands. With 12 years on the job – in a variety of roles thanks to the unique Leadership Trainee program at the company – Dwight has become an expert in food production. The role of […]

Temporary Foreign Workers & Food Processing in Canada

Temporary Foreign Workers

Temporary foreign workers have been an integral part of the Canadian workforce for decades and have played an increasingly important role in the Canadian labour market in recent years. In 2019, close to 65,000 foreign nationals received a work permit for employment in Canada. The food manufacturing sector accounts for only 3.4% of the total […]