From Guyana to Canada. Meet Ramesh, a frontline food worker on the move

More than 13 years ago, Ramesh Persaud arrived in Canada with an accounting degree and the goal of building a life as a Canadian citizen. Today, Ramesh stands as a brilliant example of career advancement transitioning from a line worker through to his current position as Operations Manager for Kisko Canada.

What accounts for Ramesh’s success? The desire to further his employability with training, and an employer that not only welcomed, but encouraged, his educational pathway. So often new Canadians apply for a job only to be told they need local experience – a troubling contradiction for recent immigrants. Ramesh gives full credit to his company for providing him with his first job and then making it possible for him to achieve a Bachelor of Commerce, reach the finals for Certified Professional Accountant and recently start an MBA.

Ramesh spends a good portion of every day working with up to 100 frontline workers. As the Operations Manager, Ramesh is well-known as a perfectionist earning respect by running operations as a team sport with a high degree of enthusiasm and rigour.

However, with the COVID-19 global pandemic came many new challenges. Maintaining productivity and efficiency demanded innovative thinking and creative resource management. Like other food processors, the production team of frontline workers rallied together and made it work.

Ramesh and the company leadership are expecting even more changes to come. Protocols for worker and production safety will be enhanced and markets will become more demanding of supply with Canada’s global reputation as a leader in food production.

When asked how an accountant from Guyana ended up employed in the Canadian food industry, Ramesh says, “there is security in a food career – everyone has to eat! I am also motivated to be an important contributor to the health and wellbeing of people - now more than ever.”

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