From jam to lasagna to pet food: 10 parts to food and beverage processing

Production of Processed Lasagna

The food and beverage processing industry can be described as the bridge between Ontario Farms and your table. About 65% of all the food that leaves a farm makes its way into a processing facility before reaching our homes. Across Ontario there are thousands of small business and multi-national processing business that receive raw agricultural […]

What is the food and beverage processing industry?

Frontline food worker processing sausage

It gets confusing when we talk about food. There is fresh food that comes from the farm and makes it directly into our homes – like apples and potatoes – and then there is an enormous part of the food supply chain known as food and beverage processing industry. In fact, about 65% of all […]

Why is it important to support Ontario’s frontline food workers?

Frontline food worker wearing an N95 mask and inspecting processed meat

Ontario food and beverage processing business employers and the workforce are under immense pressures due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. The challenge of managing evolving occupational health and safety measures against ‘stay at home’ orders, and social distancing, is taking its toll. Consumers are also understandably confused about food supply sustainability and security. We knew as a sector it was time to tell our story – celebrating […]