Meet Dwight: frontline food hero

Dwight is a Sanitation Supervisor with Bimbo Canada, better known as one of Canada’s favourite bread companies making Dempster’s and Villaggio brands. With 12 years on the job – in a variety of roles thanks to the unique Leadership Trainee program at the company – Dwight has become an expert in food production.

The role of food industry sanitation is really about top to bottom cleanliness in every corner of a manufacturing plant.

Dwight has a team that is responsible for a 500,000 square foot bakery and another smaller bakery, both in Hamilton. That’s a lot of space and a big responsibility for Dwight’s team in protecting the health and safety of 500+ associates.

At Bimbo Canada facilities, associates are health screened and temperature checked when arriving for work. They are also mandated to physically distance, wear a face shield or mask, or both together if they choose. Keeping current on occupational health and safety measures comes from a company emergency COVID-19 team, and global resources such as the World Health Organization. There is also a steadfast commitment to continuous training for sanitation staff in food safety, auditing, sanitation protocols and HACCP.

Dwight says his job has always been central to food safety and occupational health and safety. But, now working in a COVID-19 global environment, sanitation receives extra profile and motivates even greater associate collaboration. Production and other frontline staff are working together for deep cleaning and use new machinery for sanitization.

“Everyone at the company is stepping forward to help my team – together we are scrutinizing basic sanitation and thinking about future plans for the next level of sanitation. We are learning and adapting with creative solutions to keep everyone healthy and safe.”


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