Help promote our frontline food heroes!

Now more than ever, no one is more important to the health of Ontario’s families than your frontline employees.

There are some 120,000+ individuals directly employed in our sector.

People are impressed to learn that companies like yours are the province’s number one manufacturing sector employer.

We have been inspired by the commitment of individuals working in frontline food positions. Like you, we think it is important for people to understand that the majority of our workforce is frontline, and that their commitment deserves special recognition.

When Food and Beverage Ontario created Frontline Food Facts, our objective was to recognize the people of our industry. We are taking it a step further with our campaign, Nominate a Frontline Food Hero.

But, we need your help!

The “Nominate a Frontline Food Hero” campaign needs you to get behind your employees by encouraging participation. With your support, we are confident that frontline food workers across Ontario will rise to the occasion and nominate their co-workers for their extraordinary efforts.

OK, how can I help?

This is the easy part! You can help with just a few simple actions:

1. Download and print our set of multilingual posters and post them in common areas in your facility.

2. Email a copy of the poster to your employees.

3. Use our campaign hashtag (#FrontlineFoodHero) when you mention your amazing employees on your social media channels.

4. Share, retweet or comment on our social media posts. You can find great stories about frontline food heroes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Downloadable posters