Why is it important to support Ontario’s frontline food workers?

Ontario food and beverage processing business employers and the workforce are under immense pressures due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. The challenge of managing evolving occupational health and safety measures against ‘stay at home’ orders, and social distancing, is taking its toll. Consumers are also understandably confused about food supply sustainability and security.

Frontline Food Workers at a processing factoryWe knew as a sector it was time to tell our story – celebrating frontline food heroes and thanking the people of Ontario. Making food is our business and our passion, and that hasn’t wavered with COVID-19. It is our promise that you will continue to have access to the food and beverages you love.

What can you do to support Ontario's frontline food workers?

Frontline Food Facts

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Thank a frontline food worker for keeping you and your family fed

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Frontline Food Facts

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