How to shine like a star during your job interview

You’ve done all the hard work! You approached the employer, prepared a strong resume and cover letter, and the employer has now chosen you for an interview. Interviews, whether in-person, over the phone, or via video, can be a daunting experience for anyone. However, there are some you can take to prepare for the interview and set you up for success. Take a look at these valuable resources that will help ace an interview and land a job.
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Understand the position you're applying for

One of the most common challenges that job seekers face, is a lack of knowledge about the position. Have you already gone through the job description in detail? Amazing! One thing you can do now is going to the Food Processing Skills Canada website and read about the skills that are important for the job you are applying for.

Know the company

Research is essential for nailing any interview because it shows that you understand the employer and the company! It shows your interest in the role and helps you gain an advantage over other candidates. Check out for a list of essential questions you need to keep in mind while researching the company.

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Know the answers to some basic questions

One of the ingredients for a successful interview is to prepare answers to questions you might be asked. FoodGrads has put together a list of some frequently asked questions that you may be asked during an interview for the following positions: Research and Development, Sensory Technologist, Quality Assurance, and Project Manager. Prepare your responses ahead of time. Being prepared can relieve some of the stress you may feel and increase your chances of landing the job.

Top tips for nailing a telephone or video interview

Employers have changed their approach to interviewing candidates and have transitioned from in-person interviews to telephone and video interviews. While you may believe that proving your skills and showing confidence over a Zoom call or phone call is an impossible task, it is important to evolve and adapt to this new way of interviewing. A few tips to keep in mind while giving a video or a telephone interview include:

  • stay calm and collected;
  • wait for the employer to finish before speaking; and,
  • have a backup for technology in case one fails.

It can be intimidating to walk into an interview, but you can ace it with the right tools and knowledge. If you are just starting your career planning or have not reached the interview stage, we recommend visiting CareersNOW!. You can get access to free basic skills training, knowledge about the industry and access to job opportunities in the food and beverage industry. If this interests you, fill out the form on the CareersNOW! page and get access to a number of resources that will support you on your career journey.

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