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Frontline Stories

Frontline Food Stories

Read inspirational stories about Ontario’s frontline food workers and the food and beverage companies that provide safe, delicious food across Ontario.

Frontline Food Facts

What is a frontline worker?

They are the people who make our food – working on the production line handling, processing and packaging food and beverages.

There are almost 125,000 individuals employed in the processing sector and the majority are frontline workers.
WHy is it important to support frontline food workers?

Is being a frontline food worker a good job?

Yes it is, because it offers competitive compensation plus job security, especially compared to other manufacturing jobs. This is because we will always need to produce food to feed people.

It's also fulfilling work because frontline food workers are essential to feeding the province and the world.

Do frontline food workers need specific training or education?

Not usually, and it’s also not always a requirement that frontline food workers be fluent in English. Many plants are multicultural, and English is a second language for many people.

Employers will provide any required training, and Frontline Food Facts is also offering free basic skills training online to anyone interested in a frontline food job.

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Are there jobs available now?

Yes! There is a wide variety of jobs available across Ontario right now, including production line positions, machine operators, general labourers, butchers, and many more.
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What type of food and beverage processing companies are hiring? Where are they located?

Food and beverage processing companies in many different regions of the province are hiring frontline food workers, though there is the largest concentration in the Greater Toronto Area.

They produce all types of foods and beverages: bakery, fruit and vegetable, meat, dairy, packaged goods like crackers, frozen meals and cereal, plus so much more.

Food and beverage processing companies also come in various sizes, ranging from just a couple employees to thousands.

Food and Beverage Ontario

Who is Food and Beverage Ontario?

Food and Beverage Ontario is the leadership, non-profit organization for Ontario’s food and beverage processing businesses.
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Is it safe to work as a frontline food worker?

Yes. Occupational health and safety laws, standards and programs make the workplace better and safer for everyone.

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety has developed COVID-19 pandemic guidance for higher risk and essential occupations and industries, including food and beverage processing.

What exactly is the food and beverage processing sector?

This is the middle part of the food supply chain that takes fresh ingredients and transforms them into products like sausages, pizza, cookies, yogurt, pasta, candy and juice, plus many more. Food and beverages made in the processing sector make their way to grocery stores, restaurants, and various institutions like hospitals and schools.
Frontline Food Facts

What is the purpose of Frontline Food Facts?

Frontline Food Facts helps people like you find rewarding jobs at food and beverage companies across the province.

We are also proud to recognize and celebrate the incredible dedication of frontline workers in the food and beverage processing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.