From jam to lasagna to pet food: 10 parts to food and beverage processing

The food and beverage processing industry can be described as the bridge between Ontario Farms and your table. About 65% of all the food that leaves a farm makes its way into a processing facility before reaching our homes.

Across Ontario there are thousands of small business and multi-national processing business that receive raw agricultural products such as carrots and soybeans, and semi-processed foods such as spice mixes and fruit puree. These products are used to make the huge variety of foods that are ready to eat.

Everything from jam, lasagna and yogurt, the processing food and beverage industry serves every diet and lifestyle! We even make pet food!

We can roughly segment the industry into ten key parts:

Does your dog love kibble?

The Animal food manufacturing is responsible for those wiggling happy tails!

Baking a special cake or a delicious bread?

Grain and oilseed milling bring us flour for baking.

Do you have a sweet tooth for chocolate bars and candies?

Sugar and confectionary product manufacturing make sure your sweet cravings are fulfilled!

Jams, jellies, quick frozen peas…

Fruit and vegetable preserving, and specialty food manufacturing is responsible for many items that we love and need.

Our mornings would not be the same without it.

Dairy product manufacturing makes us yogurt, artisanal cheese, Kefir, and many other products.

Sirloin steak, chicken thighs, sausages.

They are all brought to us through Meat product manufacturing.

Salmon pate and whitefish fillets

Seafood product preparation  and packaging brings us     processed goods.

Cake and pastries? Yes, please!

Bakeries make these and many more products.

Beer and wine!

Beverage manufacturing keeps us stocked!

Frozen pizzas?!

They are an example of other food manufacturing.

Do you have questions when it comes to your food? Let us know here.

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