Canada’s food system – Safe, healthy and affordable

The food system has changed dramatically over the past few decades as the result of increased technical advances, globalization in the supply and demand of food and changes in the home and the workplace.
However, what has remained constant is that Canadians want access to safe, affordable, and healthy food. It is also important to note that the people in the food system share this value and have a common goal: providing Canadians and people around the world with safe, affordable, and available food.
With fewer of us directly connected to farming and food production it is understandable that many Canadians have questions and a strong interest in how the food they consume is produced. This is a good thing and facilitates public trust. Public trust is a critical part of the Canadian food system as it enables consumers to have confidence in the food they provide to themselves and their families every day.
The foundation of this trust is transparency. Every component of the food system, from the farmer to the forklift driver, works towards increasing their transparency every day and effectively connecting with consumers. We are now seeing greater efforts to share critical information about food production in Canada. And not only is the food system sharing information they are constantly working to improve in things like animal welfare and environmental stewardship.
The global pandemic has made many of us realize how important our food system is. During this time – farmers, fishers, and companies from coast to coast are reviewing their sustainability plans and making the required changes to continue provide an abundance of food – today and into the future. Many companies update their communications channels and post openly about how they plan to meet their sustainability targets and where they are to date.

Do you have questions? Reach out to your favourite food brands through social media or their websites and ask. The food system wants to provide credible information about their products for Canadians with the hope of continuing to build public trust and a relationship. And the food system needs Canadians who have questions. Together we can continue to have one of the safest, most healthy food systems in the world.

John Jamieson is the CEO & President at The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity

John Jamieson is CEO & President at The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity.

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