3 steps to keep frontline food workers safe

Keeping frontline food workers healthy is a critical part of making sure that Canadians have access to quality food products.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Canada’s food and beverage manufacturers have been helping reduce the spread of the virus and keeping workers and the workplace healthy by following public health measures and requirements. Across the country there are approximately 270,000 people committed to making food for families every day.

Here are the steps being followed to keep frontline food workers safe:

Step 1: Health first

Stay home!

If you are a part of the risk/vulnerable group, workers are advised to not come in for work.

How do you feel today?

Questionnaires and temperature checks to monitor employees before entering the facilities.

Step 2: Work safety

Together, but apart!

Social distancing off of the production line (such as lunchrooms, lockers, etc) is required.

Slow down!

Slowing down  production lines makes it possible to reduce the number of employees in as many areas as possible.

Training from a distance!

Earphone or two-way radio technology is used to onboard new employees while respecting social distancing on the production floor.

Step 3: Protect yourself and others

Personal Protective Equipment, please!

PPE such as masks, gloves and gowns must be worn at all times.

Wash your hands!

Enhanced emphasis on hand washing and hygiene.

Thank you, essential workers, for all your hard work and commitment to keep our community fed.

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