Unflappable Leadership: Macarena Busto is helping keep our food safe

In uncertain times, having someone who can lead calmly and confidently makes all the difference – especially when it comes to ensuring the safe production of food for Ontarians amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Macarena Busto is a shining example of this – the Director of Corporate Quality Assurance for Gay Lea Foods has been making food and employee safety a top priority since joining the company in 2007. Since then, she’s proven herself as a leader who can juggle the many varied responsibilities that come with following the important safety protocols needed to create safe and innovative food products – all the while making it look easy!

But just as importantly, Macarena always takes the time to ensure that everything is done the right way. If there’s one thing that she’s known for, it’s her unwavering attention to detail.

Under normal circumstances, Macarena is an invaluable team member at Gay Lea Foods, however when COVID-19 created a crisis situation, she helped lead the charge to ensure that safety was priority number one.

In fact, Macarena’s leadership has been called “unflappable” in those challenging, often stressful months when Canadians everywhere first had to adapt to the ‘new normal.’ Reacting quickly and with purpose, she was instrumental in rapidly developing and implementing COVID-19-based protocols (one great example of this is with Macarena’s business-wide solutions for the safe and effective usage of face masks) across more than a dozen distinct production sites while also ensuring that these protocols were practical, effective, and kept the well-being of her Gay Lea Foods employees top-of-mind.

Lemon Muffin with a tub of Gay Lea Sour Cream
A picture of manufacturing equipment

It’s no surprise that Macarena has won the trust and respect of her colleagues and co-workers. Whether it’s assisting operations, supply chain, or HR, she is always relied upon in the development, implementation, and training of effective new protocols, and in her practical approach to maintaining compliance and safety.

Through real leadership and a commitment to safety, Macarena has proven herself as a Frontline Food Hero – one that Ontarians everywhere can bet on to help keep their food safe.

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