5 Free Job Skills Training Courses You Can Take Right Now for the Food and Beverage Processing Industry

Like many other industries, the food and beverage processing industry has its own set of job skills, rules, and regulations employees across all departments must know.

Though many companies offer this kind of training when they onboard new employees, already having these skills under your belt can make your application stand out and help you land the job. Also, already having these skills will help you hit the ground running when your start your new career.

But how and where can you learn these important skills?

CareersNOW! currently offers 14 FREE Job Ready Skills Training for the food and processing industry. That’s over 30 hours of free training available to anyone who signs up for a free CareersNOW! account.

The courses, which cover everything from an industry overview to workplace and industrial safety, were curated by Food Processing Skills Canada specifically for CareersNOW!  The course topics cover everything from soft skills, like working with others, to more industry-specific skills like allergens and workplace safety.

Upon the completion of each course, members get a nationally recognized certificate. Once they complete all 14 courses, they will receive a graduation package that includes an official transcript and program completion certificate, which shows employers that you successfully completed the program.

“You should consider taking these courses if you’re looking to transition or get into our industry. Or maybe you’re a student who is in a food program, maybe you’re taking food science or agriculture,” says Jennefer Griffith, Executive Director at Food Processing Skills Canada.

“Even right now, we’re promoting these courses to those who might even work in our industry as an IT tech… those looking for work, new hires who are currently already in the workplace, these courses are really for any individual looking to get into our industry.”

Here is a closer look at a few of the free Job Ready Skills Training courses you could take right now:

I Am Food: An Introduction to the Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry

This is the first course you’ll take in Job Ready Skills Training. In this introductory course, provides an introduction to the importance of the Canadian food and beverage manufacturing industry, its size, opportunities, diverse demographics and work environment today.

Food Safety Culture and You

This course discusses the importance of following food safety procedures and practices when working in Canadian food companies, as these are part of food safety culture.

It outlines the role of governments and food companies in protecting the food supply and identifies how consumers can be negatively affected by improper practices. It covers the important role food workers have in following procedures and telling supervisors and coworkers of food safety problems. Participants will learn the important role of food workers have in supporting their workplace food safety culture. By following food safety practices, food workers help their employer to protect the consumer, meet government regulations and address business needs.

Allergens: Level One

This course covers the priority list of allergens in Canada as well as sulphites and gluten sources. You will be able to identify the sources and describe the best practices and regulations to prevent allergens-related food safety incidents.

Sanitation: Level One

This course covers the cleaning and sanitation of food contact surfaces, equipment and utensils. You will be able to describe the steps to clean and sanitize effectively, choose and prepare cleaning and sanitizing solutions, as well as learn the best practices to protect yourself while doing it.

Workplace and Industry Safety

Worker safety is of premier importance. Food processing is often on an industrial scale with automated equipment and many potential hazards. Being aware and trained to deal with these potential hazards and workplace situations is critical for employee safety. This course will provide workers in the food processing industry with knowledge of the safety requirements necessary to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.

These are just five of the 14 free Job Ready Skills Training available for CareersNOW! members can access. Members also gain access to things like virtual job fairs, job postings, mentorship sessions and more!

What are you waiting for? Find your job in the Food & Beverage manufacturing industry today.

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